SUPERCREEPS//////Ruben Platt's Top 5 DJ Premier Picks

Had a friend throw together a list of his favorite dj premier tracks. Enjoy--







...More day until I am done with undergraduate forever. Huzzah! Nothing feels better than following through with something. I can only bring myself back to that summer that I contemplated a lot of destructive things, and I am very thankful to the literary world for bringing me back to some semblance of reality. 

For the past few weeks, I've sent out hundreds of applications and got a single call back for an interview this week that I could not attend. I am ashamed. I think tomorrow I'll finally bite the bullet and put the two weeks in. Life without an income is a life that I do not want to experience. Someone, hire me, I'm a wonderful office slave.

Here's some food for thought: For every crazy woman, there are many crazy men that have made her that way. What is the problem with repetition? Very rarely does it break a cycle. You can love many things, but that won't make it love you back. x


something to break your heart

TV On the Radio's Gerard Smith died last night.

Normally I take it all with a grain of salt, but cancer is something that makes me feel like a meat tenderizer is attacking my insides.

If you pray, do that, but in general wish great things to anyone and everyone, no matter how terrible they are. Something I'm slow in learning...



I used to have a really hard time not hating people. It was always easier for me to run to judgement and decide that someone was disgusting and worthless rather than try to see things from anyone else's point of view.

Now I don't find myself angry, but more so apathetic towards everyone. People are always going to disappoint you no matter what. There's never a rhyme or reason to it.

I think I've just had the misfortune of meeting all of the most fickle and indecisive people there are.