...More day until I am done with undergraduate forever. Huzzah! Nothing feels better than following through with something. I can only bring myself back to that summer that I contemplated a lot of destructive things, and I am very thankful to the literary world for bringing me back to some semblance of reality. 

For the past few weeks, I've sent out hundreds of applications and got a single call back for an interview this week that I could not attend. I am ashamed. I think tomorrow I'll finally bite the bullet and put the two weeks in. Life without an income is a life that I do not want to experience. Someone, hire me, I'm a wonderful office slave.

Here's some food for thought: For every crazy woman, there are many crazy men that have made her that way. What is the problem with repetition? Very rarely does it break a cycle. You can love many things, but that won't make it love you back. x

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